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What People are Saying

Finally, one can safely say the African Renaissance has arrived with the founding of this excellent museum. The Africa Unbound Museum is a sanctuary of African thought, experience and spirit in a serene environment. Not surprising that it is located in the heart of Africa's Capital City Addis Ababa. Dr. Odomaro Mubangizi

“My deepest gratitude and admiration to your vision and action. In my humble opinion, this is one step in the right direction…”  Andy Zewdie

“Astounded by this [platform], I support and participate in introducing the concept to all I know.”  Anonymous

“This is a giant and conscious leap for folk with an African lineage to take their destiny into their own hands. I’m so happy this necessary renaissance has naturally ignited.”  Roland Bankole Marke

“Pleasing to the eye, calming to the soul, still making the heart chirp and awakening the mind.”  Nikhil Desai

“…this is what I have been praying and waiting for for a VERY LONG TIME. The world needs this museum, right now, and then we can HEAL.”  Nora Morrison

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